Submission of proposals till the 25th of March for “Independent Events Organised by a third party” for the Cyprus Pride Festival

The preparations for the 5th Cyprus Pride Festival have begun!

It will be held in May 2018 and will end with the Cyprus Pride Parade on Sunday, 3rd of June 2018, in Nicosia.

The main message of this year's Festival is the legal recognition of gender identity for individuals and their need for autonomy and self-determination - values that are timeless and universal which concern society as a whole, regardless of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, identity or sex characteristics. 
At the same time, they are the basis of Accept's efforts to fight for the rights of LGBTI people in our country.

Accept - LGBT Cyprus invites all interested parties to organize activities that will run parallel to the Festival and whose objective will be to:

Α. Promote the visibility of LGBT persons and the problems that they face, by organizing “Independent Events Organised by a Third Party”
and / or

B. Provide Financial assistance to the Festival by organizing “Independent Fundraising Events Organised by a Third Party”.
All sanctioned Independent Events organized by third parties parallel to the Festival will be included in the Festival’s official program.

All Interested parties are invited to submit their full proposals for events/ performances/exhibitions until 25th of March 2017.
as follows:

1. Summary of the proposed event in less than 5 lines
2. The Total Cost of the proposed event in €
3. Applicant details
4. Name of the persons, group or organisation organizing the proposed event
5. Reference to previous events organized by the applicant. (Include any electronic links that relate either to the organizers or to previous projects by the organizers)
6. Name of a contact person
7. Contact details (phone, address, etc)
8. Description of the proposed event
9. Detailed description of the proposed event and the way(s) in which it meets the objectives stated above.
10. City where the proposed event will take place. Proposed events are encouraged to be held in more than one cities
11. The proposed event’s schedule/timeline
12. Details on the use of props, special lighting, sound-systems deemed necessary for the production of the proposed event. It should be specified whether these are already available to the event’s organizers.
13. (Where applicable) Specify the language of any written and/or oral texts
14. Number of persons who will participate in the proposed event
15. Number and description of the technicians that may be needed for the proposed event
16. Approximate Analytical Cost-Estimate
17. Detailed cost-estimate of the proposed event in €.

Important Notes:
•Accept-LGBT Cyprus reserves the right to review and revise the cost where it is deemed necessary by them.
•Proposals that do not include an indicative estimate will NOT be accepted.
•The complete proposal (as detailed above) must be submitted by email at: by the 25th of March 2018.
•All proposals will be evaluated by the Festival’s Organizing Committee, which will be determined by Accept - LGBT Cyprus.
•Applicants will be notified of the approval or rejection of their proposal by 1st of April 2018.

Terms of Participation:

• All proposals received by Accept - LGBT Cyprus will be confidential and shall not be made available in any way to third parties.
• The deadline for submission of proposal is 25th of March 2018.
• The approved events will be promoted in the Festival Program (which will be distributed to the public and the electronic and printed Media), as “Independent Supporting Event Organised by a Third Party” or “Independent Fundraising Event Organised by a Third Party”.

• Promotion of a participating 3rd Party Event is subject to prior approval by Accept-LGBT Cyprus, provided that such promotion does not conflict with the spirit of the Festival. Accept-LGBT Cyprus reserves the right to request modification on the manner of promotion wherever that may be deemed necessary by them. Any text translations shall be undertaken by Accept-LGBT Cyprus
• Production costs of the proposed event shall be undertaken by the third party organizer, unless otherwise agreed between the third party organizers and Accept-LGBT Cyprus.
• All profits from the proposed event shall be allocated to Accept-LGBT Cyprus to cover the costs of the Festival.
• Should the proposed event have an admission ticket, Accept-LGBT Cyprus shall participate in the handling of the tickets at the entrance of the site.
• The cost estimate of the proposed event must be finalized and submitted to Accept-LGBT Cyprus by 5th April 2017, otherwise the event will not be included in the Festival program.
• The 3rd Party Event organizers will be required to submit all relevant proof of payment of the costs of proposed event to Accept-LGBT Cyprus, no later than June 30th, 2018.
• Accept-LGBT Cyprus can distribute promotional material of Accept-LGBT Cyprus and/or the Festival at all the areas where the proposed event shall be taking place.

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