Accept - LGBT Cyprus is looking for an experienced volunteer willing to help with IT management, including the technical support of electronic communication channels, as well as the design and development of the organization’s websites. Interested parties can email us at info@acceptcy.org for more information.

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Accept – LGBT Cyprus and Irish-based LGBTI organisation Dundalk Outcomers, bearing in mind the importance and severity of the potential impact of homophobic cyber bullying, while recognising that the LGBTI community is more frequently targeted where cyber bullying is concerned, invites you to the presentation of the first e-guide addressed to Cypriot LGBTI youth as a tool to troubleshoot cyber bullying occurring due to gender identity or sexual orientation. The e-guide aims to offer helpful information and support to LGBTI youth that may be victims of cyber bullying.

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GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership “Queer Health Care" Project

Project title: Queer Health Care - Sharing Knowledge and Improving Strategies for Qualified Medical Care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex Citizens

The GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership “Queer Health Care" will bring together eight European equality organizations working in adult education with the goal of exchanging knowledge and developing strategies to improve health care support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people.


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Constitutional Meeting

Dear Accept members,

Following the recent announcement regarding the need for a renewal of the Constitution of the organisation, and following the first informal discussion held last week on the same subject, it is with great joy that we formally invite all members of the organization to the first Constitutional Meeting of the organisation, the Tuesday 10 March, at 18:00, at the NGO Support Centre in Nicosia.

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DISCUSSION: Constitutional Changes

Dear Accept members,

It has been a long time since October 2010, when we submitted the Constitution for the founding of Accept for approval to the Ministry of Interior. A lot have since changed in the Cypriot society, along which we have matured and moved ahead, and we are proud that in the process of representing the LGBTI community our organisation has played an important role in these changes.

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Cyprus Police Returns Paola Revenioti's Pictures to Accept-LGBT Cyprus and Withdraws Charges of Publication of Lewd Content


Cyprus Police have returned on the 9thof January 2015, the photographs confiscated from Paola Revenioti’s exhibition «Correction». The exhibition was organised by Accept- LGBT Cyprus and was held on the occasion of the international Transgender Day of Remembrance.


For the same case, the President of the Organisation, Costa Gavrielides, was officially accused for “Publication of Lewd Content", charges that were also dropped following a decision of the Law Office of the Republic.


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