On Sunday, April 2, 2017, lets prepare our lunch and have a picnic at the excursion site of Agia Marina Xyliatos.

Departure time: 10.00 (at the Parking of Makarios Stadium in Makedonitissa)

Return Time: 16.00

Participation fee: € 10-12

For those of you who want to explore the area, you may take a walk in the natures trail, which is located nearby.

Registrations by March 20, 2017

Note: In case of low attendance, participants will be notified by telephone, in order to arrange transportation by private vehicles.

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2016 Annual General Assembly Accept – LGBT Cyprus

Sat, 17/12/2016 - 10:00 to 14:00
Hilton Cyprus

Dear Members, Friends of Accept – LGBT Cyprus,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our 2016 Annual General Assembly on Saturday, 17 December 2016 in Nicosia at 10.00 at the Hilton Cyprus Hotel where we will have the chance to analyse the actions taken in 2016 as well as what the future holds for the organisation, together with friends and allies.

The topics up for discussion during the Annual General Assembly are:

Cyprus Pride Parade 2016 website

Cyprus Pride 2016 events schedule and other important information on: http://www.acceptcy.org/pride/index_en.html

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Cyprus Pride Parade 2016

The Cyprus Pride Parade 2016, will take place between 17 – 28 May 2016, with the Cyprus Pride Parade taking place on 28 May, in Nicosia.

The central message is “TransForm your Mind” aimed at encouraging everyone to free their mind of all prejudice. At the sametime, it attempts to turn the spotlight on a group of people who,excatly because of the prevailing prejudice, remians in the fringes of society: trans people.

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The 3rd Cyprus Pride Festival is at the door and we are certain that it will make you proud again!

We are currently preparing the events line-up and we are asking you to suggest a slogan which reflects the aims of the Festival and sums up its character.


The slogan must shine the spotlight at the aims of this year’s Pride, which is the promotion of the rights of trans people, and in particular the legal recognition of gender identity.

Ομάδες Εργασίας: 

Sumbission of Proposals For "Independent Events Organised By A Third Party" For The Cyprus Pride Festival 2016


The preparations for the 3nd Cyprus Pride Festival have begun!

It will be held in May 2016 and will end with the Cyprus Pride Parade on Saturday, 28th of May 2016, in Nicosia.

Accept - LGBT Cyprus invites all interested parties to organize activities that will run parallel to the Festival and whose objective will be to:

Ομάδες Εργασίας: 


Dear Members, Friends of Accept – LGBT Cyprus,

Following our previous mailings regarding the Annual General Assembly of the organisation, we would like to inform you that due to technical difficulties the Chairing Pool of the Electoral Assembly decided, with the consent of the Management Board and the Supervisory Committee, to extend the deadline for submission of the nomination forms for the Management Board Elections. As such, the new deadline for sending applications is the 15th of December at 12:00.  We urge all willing members to consider applying for the Board!

At the same time, following a problem created with the originally planned venue where the Annual General Assembly was going to be held, the venue has now been transferred to the Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia, at the same time, i.e. on 19 December, at 10:00.

We trust that this is the last change we will be announcing! :) We will contact you within the following week with information regarding the candidates for the elections and to also disseminate proxies and ballot papers for any members who wish to use them.

Below you will see the revised agenda of the Assembly while attached you will find the Guidance for Nominations for the Management Board of Accept – LGBT Cyprus and Nomination Form for the Management Board.

The topics up for discussion during the Annual General Assembly are:

  • Celebratory Part with Guests (a)
  • Presentation, discussion and approval of the actions of the Management Board
  • Presentation, discussion and approval of financial report
  • Presentation: The Cyprus Civil Union Law
  • Presentation: Trans Group of Accept – LGBT Cyprus
  • Presentation: Group of Parents of LGBTI people of Accept – LGBT Cyprus
  • Presentation: Rainbow Meetings – The evolution
  • Presentation: Shield against Homophobia in Education
  • Organisation of ILGA-Europe’s Conference 2016 in Cyprus
  • Any other business
  • Elections for the new Management Board (b)


  1. Celebratory Part

The celebratory part of the Assembly will be open to the public and press and will be attended by a number of guests. There will be special arrangements for any members who do not wish to be photographed during the event.


  1. Elections for the new Management Board

At the end of the General Assembly an Electoral General Assembly will follow where eight members will be elected to the new Management Board. Details of the role of Management Board members and relevant skills and experience are outlined in the guidance notes for nominations (attached).

At the Annual General Assembly any member can:

  • Suggest the introduction of new Regulations
  • Request modification or cancellation of existing Regulations
  • Raise any issues or motions concerning the operation or the objectives of the Organisation.


Any members, who wish to add items on the Agenda, should contact the board at info@acceptcy.org. All Full Members with settled obligations have the right to vote during the Annual General Assembly. Members who cannot attend the General Assembly can be represented by someone else with a signed proxy form. Proxy forms can be sent to the members by email. Any members, who have not yet paid for their annual subscriptions, can do so on the day of the Annual General Assembly. We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.


The Management Board, Accept – LGBT Cyprus 


Note: After half an hour from the starting time, present members constitute a quorum.

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