2018 Annual General Meeting Accept – LGBTI Cyprus

Sat, 15/12/2018 - 17:00
University of Nicosia, Da Vichi Room

Dear Members, Friends of Accept – LGBTI Cyprus,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our 2018 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 15 December 2018 in Nicosia at 09.00 at the University of Nicosia, Da Vichi Room, where we will have the chance to analyse the actions taken in 2018 as well as what the future holds for the organisation, together with friends and allies.

The topics up for discussion during the Annual General Meeting are:

  • Celebratory Part with Guests (a)
  • Presentation, discussion, and approval of the actions of the Board of Directors
  • Presentation, discussion, and approval of financial report
  • Any other business
  • Elections for the new Board of Directors (b)

Α detailed agenda will be sent together with the second mailing documents at the beginning of December. In the meantime, we welcome any suggestions from items to include from members.

  1. Celebratory Part

The celebratory part of the Meeting will be open to the public and press and will be attended by a few guests. During the celebratory part, there will be a presentation with the actions of the organisation in 2018. There will be special arrangements for any members who do not wish to be photographed during the event.

  1. Elections for the new Board of Directors

At the end of the General Meeting an Electoral General Meeting will follow for elections to join the Board of Directors.

The LGBTI community consists of people who belong to multiple communities and have other identities too, while facing different situations in their daily lives. With full understanding that the organisation should represent all LGBTI persons, we are increasingly paying attention to the intersectionality and inclusion of all LGBTI persons coming from different backgrounds. Examples include people that come from different geographic regions of Cyprus, religion, ethnicity, age, physical ability, social and/or economic status.

For this reason, we particularly welcome applications from people of multiple identities that are ready to contribute to our work on educating and promoting the rights of all of us. Diversity is an important challenge that we have embraced at Accept. But this is not something we can achieve alone. We need others to step up to the challenge too.



Current composition of the Board of Directors of Accept – LGBTI Cyprus




Current Term

Date of admission to the Board

Nicholas Tryfon


2016-2018 (*)

December 2015

Monica Panayi



December 2017

Alexandros Efstathiou


2016-2018 (*)

December 2016

Anastasia Andreou



October 2013

Constantinos Lakkotrypis


2018 (**)

April 2018

Stephanos Ioannou


2017-2019 (***)

December 2017

Diomedes Koufteros


2016-2018 (*)

December 2016

Andreas Andreou


2016-2018 (*)

December 2016

The Board of Directors Accept – LGBTI Cyprus consists of 8 members. Elections are held every year for four seats, where half the members of the Board are elected for a two-year term. In this way, only half of the Board departs following the end of their term each year, thus allowing seamless continuity of the work of the Board from the members that remain, reducing at the same time the chances of fatigue setting in for several members simultaneously.

(*) In this year's election, 2018, the full two-year term of office expires for the 4 Board members marked with an asterisk, so during the elections there will be available 4 positions for a two-year term for candidates to the Board. The first four persons in number of votes shall serve a term until the Annual General Meeting of the Organisation, which is scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2020.

(**) Constantinos Lakkotrypis replaced Tatiana Heracleous, who resigned from the Board in April 2018, as the first runner-up in the last election in December 2017. The said position is also open to candidates.

(***) Stephanos Ioannou has decided to resign from the Board as of the Annual General Meeting of December 2018. The said position is also open to candidates.

The fifth and sixth person in number of votes shall obtain a position for one year until the Annual General Meeting of the organisation on the last quarter of 2019, given that they shall be stepping in the second year of a two–year term for the other positions of Tatiana Heracleous and Stephanos Ioannou.

Completed applications for candidates (attached to the present e-mail) shall need to be sent to elections@acceptcy.org, at any time from today until 05.12.2018 at 17.00, and will then be sent out to members alongside the agenda upon the second Μailing in December. The word limits defined in the application shall need to be followed.

Candidates shall need to secure at least 20% of valid votes, otherwise their selections as members of the Board or runner-ups is invalid.

No member of the Board can be up for re-election if at the end of their term they have served from more than six consecutive years on the Board.

Full members have the right to submit their candidacy, but also vote, after two months have passed since completing their registration as members and provided that they have settled their subscription fee before the election.

Further, during the Annual General Meeting any member can:

  • Suggest the introduction of new Regulations
  • Request amendment or repeal of existing Regulations
  • Raise any issues or motions concerning the operation or the objectives of the Association.

Any members, who wish to add items to the Agenda, should contact the organisation at info@acceptcy.org. All Full Members with settled obligations (provided that two months have passed since completing their registration as members) have the right to vote during the Annual General Meeting. Due to the amendment of the legislation regarding Associations, members that cannot attend the General Meeting physically cannot anymore authorise an attorney or send a proxy form. Any members, who have not yet settled for annual subscriptions, can do so on the day of the Annual General Meeting.

We remain at your disposal for any further information required.


The Board of Directors, Accept – LGBTI Cyprus 


Note: After half an hour from the starting time, the members present constitute a quorum.