Accept LGBT Cyprus marks International Transgender Day of Visibility

On March 31, Accept LGBT Cyprus marks the annual International Transgender Day of Visibility, a year in which the human rights organization aims to secure the passing of a law that would allow trans Cypriots to change their ID documents to reflect their true gender identity.

Transgender individuals do not identify with the ‘M’ or ‘F’ assigned to them at birth,  which then appears on their birth certificate and all other identifying documents throughout the rest of their lives. The clash between the gender their documents say they are, and the gender they identify and present as, creates an enormous obstacle to trans individuals’ integration into every aspect of their lives.

Quote by Nicholas Tryfon, Accept President, regarding the trans-related theme of this year’s Pride & securing legal gender recognition

“This year we are bringing the importance of this discrimination to the forefront at Pride 2018. It is the state’s and obligation to secure the right to an individual’s identity; A right that most of us take for granted.”

 International Transgender Day of Visibility is also a chance to highlight the daily discrimination faced by trans people, both locally and worldwide. Denial of support, pressure to conform and sometimes outright rejection and hostility from family members, school mates and authority figures was also seen as keeping trans people locked into a cycle of under-employment, social exclusion and shame, facts that have also been highlighted by the results of the recent study undertaken by the University of Nicosia and sponsored by the Council of Europe.

On March 31st, the International Transgender Day of Visibility, Accept LGBT Cyprus asks the public to embrace their transgender colleagues, friends, family members and children, because safeguarding human rights, diversity and the dignity of all, only adds to the richness of a truly 21st century, European state.

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