2017 Annual General Assembly Accept – LGBT Cyprus

Sat, 09/12/2017 - 10:00
University of Nicosia, Newton Amphitheatre

Dear Members, Friends of Accept – LGBT Cyprus,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our 2017 Annual General Assembly on Saturday, 09 December 2017 in Nicosia at 10.00 at the University of Nicosia, Newton Amphitheatre, where we will have the chance to analyse the actions taken in 2017 as well as what the future holds for the organisation, together with friends and allies.

The topics up for discussion during the Annual General Assembly are:

  • Celebratory Part with Guests (a)
  • Presentation, discussion, and approval of the actions of the Management Board
  • Presentation, discussion, and approval of financial report
  • Any other business
  • Elections for the new Management Board (b)

Α detailed agenda will be sent together with the 2nd Mailing documents at the beginning of December. In the meantime, we welcome any suggestions from items to include from members.

a. Celebratory Part

The celebratory part of the Assembly will be open to the public and press and will be attended by a few guests. During the celebratory part, there will be a presentation with the actions of the organisation in 2017. There will be special arrangements for any members who do not wish to be photographed during the event.

b. Elections for the new Management Board

At the end of the General Assembly an Electoral General Assembly will follow where four members will be elected to join the Management Board. Details of the role of Management Board members and relevant skills and experience are outlined in the guidance notes for nominations (attached).

The LGBTI community consists of people who belong to multiple communities and have other identities too, while facing different situations in their daily lives. With full understanding that the organisation should represent all LGBTI, we are increasingly giving attention to the intersectionality and inclusion of all LGBTI coming from different walks of life. Examples include people that come from different geographic regions in Cyprus, religion, ethnicity, age, physical ability, social and/or economic status.

For this reason, we particularly welcome applications from people of multiple identities that are ready to contribute to our work on educating and promoting the rights of all of us. Diversity is an important challenge that we embraced at Accept. But this is not something we can achieve alone. We need others to step up to the challenge too.


Current composition of the Accept – LGBT Cyprus Board

Name Position Current Term Dare of Entry to the Board
Costa Gavrielides President 2015-2017 (*) May 2012
Nicholas Tryfon Vice-President 2016-2018 December 2015
Alexandros Efstathiou Secretary 2016-2018 December 2016
Anastasia Andreou Treasurer 2016-2018(*) October 2013
Andreas Andreou Member 2016-2018 December 2016
Theodoros Ellina Member 2015-2017(*) December 2015
Diomedes Koufteros Member 2016-2018 December 2016
Ioanna Kyprianidou Member  2017 February 2017

The Management Board of Accept – LGBT Cyprus consists of 8 members. Elections are held every year for four seats, where half the members of the Board are elected for a two-year term. In this way, only half of the Board departs following the end of their term each year, thus allowing seamless continuity of the work of the Board from the members that remain, reducing at the same time the chances of fatigue setting in for several members simultaneously.

(*) In this year's election, 2017, the term of office expires for the 4 Board members marked with an asterisk, so during the elections there will be available 4 positions for candidates to the Board. Those elected will serve a term until the Annual General Assembly of the Organisation, which is scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2019.

(**) Ioanna Kyprianidou replaced Eliana Afaniotou, who resigned from the Board in February 2017, as the first runner-up in the last election in December 2016.

At the Annual General Assembly any member can:

  • Suggest the introduction of new Regulations
  • Request modification or cancellation of existing Regulations
  • Raise any issues or motions concerning the operation or the objectives of the Organisation.

Any members, who wish to add items on the Agenda, should contact the organisation at [email protected]. All Full Members with settled obligations have the right to vote during the Annual General Assembly. Members who cannot attend the General Assembly can be represented by someone else with a signed proxy form. Proxy forms will be sent to the members together with the documents of the 2nd Mailing, will be available online on the organisation’s website, on our Facebook page and by email request sent to [email protected]. Any members, who have not yet paid for their annual subscriptions, can do so on the day of the Annual General Assembly. We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

The Management Board, Accept – LGBT Cyprus 

Note: After half an hour from the starting time, present members constitute a quorum.