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Hi guys,I would suggest to somehow add more contact possibilities and details to the member's profiles (e.g.age, facebook account, email etc.). I don't mean to create a website like grindr or gaydar but I think it would be a good place so that people can interact with each other outside of 'hook-up sites'.Just my thoughts ;)

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Yoryis Regginos
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dear alpine,thank you for your interest and, indeed, for your comment! There are already contact possibilities built in the site's structure: just click on a member's nickname and you will be directed to that member's profile. Right there, there is a link to send a message to that member. It is then up to that member to reply to you, as usual.i hope this helps address your comment.we remain at your disposal for any further information you might want happy surfing,Yoryis RegginosInternational, Press and Media officeraccept - LGBT Cyprus

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Yπάρχει δυνατότητα αλλαγής user name στο forum;

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Ναι. Μπορείς να αλλάξεις το login σου στο site της accept πατώντας δεξιά το κουμπί "Ο λογαριασμός μου" και από εκεί το κουμπί "Επεξεργασία".(Για το δικό σου πάντως μπορείς να πας και από εδώ