Homophobia from the police

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Homophobia from the police

Hi. I have written the following article in English, as although I speak and understand Greek, it takes forever to type it. Last year I was invited to an ILGA/FRA meeting in Ireland where the matter of LGBT crime and policing was discussed. The model of policing in the Netherlands was given, where: Each police force has an LGBT police group for police staff.Each police force has an LGBT liason officer to whom LGBT victims of crime can report toCrimes are tagged as LGBT related in the system for the purposes of statistics and researchThe police forces have a non discrimination policy, both with regards to staff, as well as with dealing with the public. This subject was of particular interest to me, as I remember the early days of Secrets club where we were expelled from the club and harassed by police officers. I also remember meeting a police officer who is gay but was not out and was afraid of telling anyone in case he was fired. He told me that homophobic behaviour was rife in the Cyprus police force. More recently, in London, there have been issues around institutional homophobia in the police. As a result, I thought I would use IRC to conduct a quick information gathering session about the subject. I asked in the main channel of Cyprus if there were any police officers, and one person claimed he was. The transcript is below:<gayguy26> ise astinomikos? <limman29> yes<gayguy26> ok<limman29> ti thes<gayguy26> ithela na se rotiso kati sxetika<gayguy26> giati piga se sinedrio persi <limman29> ti thes<gayguy26> gia themata diakriseon ktl<gayguy26> ok<limman29> re file tha m pis ti thelis<gayguy26> iparhei episimos organismos i antiprosopeia gia gay kai lesvies astinomikous stin astynomia kyprou?<gayguy26> ?<limman29> ameirefke na me n s doko 2 patsous kia na firtis en theloume pousties stin astinomia<gayguy26> ok apantises mou tin erotisi mou<limman29> men  enoxlas na men s doko 2 patsous<limman29> kentikeleni<gayguy26> eho alli<limman29> bye<limman29> men enoxlas karakiozi END From that kind of response, if this person is indeed a police officer, I would guess that there is a very homophobic environment within the police force in Cyprus.  "So what? What can we do about it?" This is important because:LGBT related crime will not be reported to the police, and so we will have no statistics about LGBT violence/abuse/discrimination in order to form policies and action plans for the benefit of the community.LGBT police officers will be discriminated against and will not be able to live a comfortable open life while employed in the police. It may also act as a deterrent to the police.LGBT taxpayers have a right to be protected by the police, who's salaries they pay. Ignoring LGBT related crime and discrimination may lead to further attacks on the community. Accept can approach the police service and ask them if they have any of the above in place, and ask what their official, WRITTEN policy is with regards to LGBT working conditions, discrimination, policing etc. This could further be extended to the Army, the Health service and other government institutions to see exactly what their policies are on this and related issues.  Please comment.

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Αυτό το έχεις δει;http://www.acceptcy.org/el/node/489δυστυχώς δεν ξαφνιάζομαι από την αντίδραση του αστυνομικού. Μην ξεχνάς όμως ότι αυτός ο αστυνομικός δεν είναι όλη η αστυνομία, αλλά από την άλλη η ύπαρξη τέτοιων ατόμων καταστά αναγκαία περισσότερα σεμινάρια όπως αυτό που αναφέρετε στο πιο πάνω σύνδεσμο.Ευχαριστούμε για την πρωτοβουλία σου.

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We actually already have officially approached the Cyprus police regarding issues of homophobia and how those are registered by the force as well as how victims are treated. Admittedly this is an area where little is being done by the Cypriot police, possibly due to ignorance as well.This is an area where we definitely want to make a difference as an LGBT association and this is where the collective power of the group can help us achieve this goal. We are already planning ways to get some EU assistance on the issue (it seems that progress on human rights in Cyprus is only enforced when Cypriot institutions feel the pressure from the EU rather than from local legal or even ethical rules).Incidentally though it is only fair to say that following our initial meeting with the Police Force, accept - LGBT Cyprus was asked twice to give lectures during training sessions of new policemen. This was back in December 2010 and we were quite pleased with the results of the 2 sessions. We generally received good response from the new policemen and had a number of interesting questions about gay life in Cyprus in general. Hopefully this was just the beginning. Watch this space...

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Η μεγαλύτερη ειρωνεία της υπόθεσης είναι ότι το πιο μεγάλο ποσοστό ομοφυλοφύλων μετά από το υπουργείο εξωτερικών βρίσκεται στηη Αστυνομία....

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Telika eginan ta lectures h oxi?

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Έγιναν πέρυσι αυτά που ρωτάς. Πληροφορίες έχει εδώ.