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Prague Pride 2011

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Chris Skarsgård
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Prague Pride 2011

The first Prague pride will be a festival held 10-14 of August 2011 in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic. It will be an open event for all people both from our community as well as any of our friends and friends to be. The event is all about having a great time with each other and making new friends.Pride festivals are held every year in different cities to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.However it will not only be a celebration of rights and freedom, it will also be a fun event with music by famous artists as well as comedy nights by Chris Skarsgard Spyrou. Please visit our webiste and follow us on twitter and facebook ( ) for more information. If you would like to donate for the success of the event please visit our website and select donations. Prague pride is aimed both at the local population as well as welcoming to foreign visitors. We hope to promote the image of Prague as a LGBT friendly destination and also Central-Europe’s tourist and social centre.

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