Moving to Cyprus from US

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Moving to Cyprus from US

My name is Maria, I am of Greek / Turkish origin, living in the United States. I am moving to Cyprus (Nicosia) in September. I am looking to get involved with the LGBTQ community while I am there. I am a part of
the LGBTQ movement in the United States as a community organizer, and I would like to get involved & meet people when I move to Cyprus. Let me know if you're interested / know of how to get involved / things to do!



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Dear Maria,

Nice to meet you! I am Despina, one of the members of the Coordinating Committee of accept.

Thank you for your interest to get involved with our group! And is great that you already have experience within LGBT organizations. What kind of projects you were involved in as community organizer?

Of course we need help for our activities to be implemented! Any requests for help we submit in the site for all members to see and respond, so if you visit our site regurarly you will be updated of any kind of help we will need.

Look forward to meet you when you come back!

Warm regards,

Despina Michaelide